Why do men cheat?

In this post, we’ll take a deeper look at why men cheat. We thought it could be fun so that you could have fun analyzing the men at work to see if they could be potential cheaters…

But first of all, did you know that 40% of men cheat with a woman at work? We’ll give you 8 things to look after so that you can analyze whether the guy at work is a cheater or not. A man’s behavior is not difficult to interpret. You just need to know what to look for.

#1. Relationship dissatisfaction

The number one reason is simply that they are not satisfied with their relationship. Studies suggest that “48% of men who cheated listed emotional dissatisfaction as the first reason for cheating.” If you have information that he has had an unhappy relationship lately, he’ll be more likely to cheat.

#2. Men’s brain: Men naturally think about sex (a lot )

Subconsciously, men analyze women sexually, even in a professional context. Some men not that much, but most men do. And especially when women dress up, use make-up, show their skin and body shapes. It’s just super difficult for him not to react this way subconsciously. So if you have a man that has many flings and short-term relationships, he is more likely to be carried away by his instincts and emotions.

#3. Lacks Confidence

I have friends who cheat just to test their power of seduction. And because they want to see if it works, they go all the way with the other women. Although they might regret it, every new girl is a confidence boost for their ego. So they keep doing it.

#4. His environment

His environment pushed him to do so. Even though his personality might not be of the cheater type, the environment can be a big influence on your man’s behavior. Especially his friends: “75% of men who cheat have a friend who also cheated”. Friends have a huge impact on people’s behavior. So if you know that he has a lot of outgoing friends who love to date a lot, It also includes his workplace.

#5. Sex

Although there is no emotional attached, men sometimes just need new sex experiences. Exploring new continents and discovering new pleasures is one known reason for an affair.

Maybe you’ve heard about President Coolidge and the chicken story?

#6. History/ childhood – he learned it at home

A lot of the thing, we do as adults are influenced by our experiences during childhood. Boys that have been witness to his father or mother cheating are more inclined to cheat.

#7. Stress and tension and sex

Men that experience a lot of stress and tension have a greater necessity to relieve themselves of their tension. Stockbrokers are known for this behavior. It’s no wonder considering they how stressful this job has always been.

#8 Women tempting him- Attractive, men with girlfriends are more attractive.

The worse is of course if a woman is tempting him too much. There are some women that just know how to play with men’s emotion and how to attract men. Marilyn Monroe was one of these women. And it is super difficult not to be attracted to her charm.

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