These Tinder Nightmares Will Leave You Speachless

How you Tinderin’?

Joey would’ve definitely aced the online dating app and broken many more hearts by the end of the 10 seasons of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Don’t you think so?

Ya, we know he’s the guy our mamas warned us about, but at least Joey never threw unsolicited d-pics and crassy opening lines at ladies. All he did was his classic, “How you doin’?” and that was cute/sexy in its own way.

Coming back to Tinder, the dating app is full of creeps and our Tinderellas have been forewarned about them. You’re welcome.

But today we are going to share evidence with you — some nightmarish accounts where people took creepiness to unmatched heights. Found on Insta-account Tinder Nightmares, some are so bad that you’d be puking inside your own mouth and some so bold that your jaws will be found on the floor. Hold on tight.


What the hell?


Are you even okay?


My appetite just died a horrific death.

Such audacity, much wow.

Kenya really not!

For real?

Where do we jump from?

If you thought these take the cake for being crass AF, then sorry to break it to you ladies, but there are many more on the page and of course, in your DMs.

Those Tinder princes are actually frogs who don’t have brains. (Sorry frogs, didn’t mean to insult you peeps). Anyhoo lovelies, be careful who you swipe for the next time, will ya’ll?

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