13 Signs of Flirting That Men Do on Dates

Have you ever been out on a date with a guy and you thought that he was into you… when in fact he placed you in his friend zone? Misinterpreting body language and believing he is flirting with you can create awkward situations. In order to help you decode these messages, we have come up with a very helpful guide below that’s going to help you realize whether the guy you are on a date with is actually into you or not. These are the signs of flirting you should be looking for:

#1 His eyes sparkle

Probably one of the most common and easiest signs of flirting is to spot if the guy is looking into your eyes. Guys that like their dates have very expressive eyes during their conversations. If his eyes are naturally fixed on you with a sparkle (like a child who just received his birthday present), then you can bet he is interested in you.

#2 He gets very annoyed if he’s cut in

Let’s say you are sitting in a bar and suddenly he gets upset or irritated if someone cuts in while he’s having a conversation with you. Maybe he’s even rude with the person who joined the conversation? When someone wants to flirt with you, they hate it when someone else tries to get your attention or simply join the conversation.

#3 Getting more personal

Getting close to your date is not unusual after you dated for a few times, but doing it on the first date is a sign the guy wants to get close to you! Most of the times he’s going to try and whisper things that don’t need to be hushed which is basically one of the most common signs of flirting.

#4 He’s showing you his best side

Just like in the animal kingdom, males always try to impress females by showing off their best qualities. The same thing holds true for humans and guys will generally try to be very kind and attentive to their dates in order to make it clear just how much they like them. On top of that, don’t be surprised if he wears a really nice watch or if he decides to show you his manliness by wearing a T-shirt so you can admire his muscles.

#5 Lots of touching

Is the guy you’re dating trying to find any excuse just so that he can touch you? In fact, if the two of you are having a conversation and he touches your hand or your shoulder, this is a clear sign of flirting. This is especially the case if the touches are unnecessary.

#6 A lot of blushing

In a flirty conversation, blushing is eventually going to come involuntarily in the same way laughing and smiling is. Does your date’s face turn pink or even red if you compliment him about anything? If the answer is yes, then wow, you are really making a big impression on him!

#7 He can’t help to check you out

Do your guy’s eyes wander over your body or he keeps looking you up and down, especially when you’re not paying attention? Guys who flirt with you are always interested in the way you look, especially if you have something they really like, such as beautiful skin or a great body. Therefore, if you really want to make sure the flirting is going to continue, you just have to allow your date to get a good look at you!

#8 A lot of giggles and smiles

Do you find yourself and your date giggling and laughing throughout the conversation for the silliest of reasons? If that’s true, then he or both of you are in the mood for some serious flirting and soon things are going to get pretty hot. Just make sure that you behave yourself so you don’t act too childish since this seems to be a turn off for some guys.

#9 He flaunts his single tag

When someone flirts with you in hopes they are eventually going to win a date with you, then one of the first things they should prove is that they’re not dating anyone. Keep a close eye on your guy and if he keeps telling you he’s never dated anyone in ages or that he spent last Christmas with his friends, he’s definitely single and interested in you.

#10 Can’t help but talk about dating plans

You may have noticed that while talking to him, your date is always trying to find out whether you have plans this weekend or not. Better yet, if he continues with asking you about your hobbies and the things you like to do, then it’s clear he’s flirting and is probably already falling for you.

#11 He avoids external distractions like a pro

If the guy you’re seeing always blocks out external distractions, like ending his phone call as soon as possible or not even looking at the waiter while ordering, then you’re one lucky girl. He is so much into you that he’s completely mesmerized. Just make sure you react to his flirt and show him you acknowledge his interest and like him.

#12 Exaggerated expressions and tons of compliments

If your date keeps complimenting you about how beautiful you look tonight or keeps telling you that he’s never met a girl as smart as you, then he is fascinated with you. In fact, he is flirting with you to the point where the only way he can show you how much he feels about you without going over the top is by complimenting the things he notices and likes about you.

#13 Excited to be with you

Probably one of the greatest signs of flirting is the excitement he shows when he’s around you. For example, if every time you meet this guy he seems very excited to see you and always tries to prolong the conversation, that is a definite flirting sign. Just think about it: Why would anyone want to hold onto you every time you see him unless he really likes you?


Dating someone doesn’t have to be a mysterious and strange game for you from now on, since with these top 13 signs of flirting that men do on dates you’ll be able to decode every message your date sends you and then respond to each of them accordingly. In fact, these tips are so effective that in no time you’ll be able to read guys like a book and easily respond to each of their flirts like a dating guru!

Tips for decoding the signs of flirting when dating men:

  • Practice focusing yourself on the guy’s body language without making him feel analyzed.
  • Don’t delay responding to your date’s flirt so he doesn’t feel awkward.
  • If your date comes off too strong, show him he has no reason to worry you don’t like him by acknowledging and responding to his flirt.

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