15 Things Your Boyfriend Will Love To Hear

For a long time, tradition said only women liked hearing romantic compliments. But having some cute things to tell your boyfriend can go a long way.

One of the five love languages is words of affirmation. This is a way to express not just your feelings, but your appreciation for your partner. These cute things to tell your boyfriend will get you started.

When he tells you how much he appreciates you making dinner or picking up his favorite beer or even how amazing you look with your new hairstyle, you feel good. It boosts your self-confidence, your faith in the relationship, and your feelings for your boyfriend.

Men need to hear cute things too

Men are not emotionless beasts. Although sometimes it may seem like it, they also need to hear your appreciation. Men are finally able to be sensitive and emotionally available without so much judgement from society.

And by telling your boyfriend cute things you’re not only letting him be vulnerable, but you make sure he knows what you love about him.

He deserves it

No relationship is perfect. But just like you do things for your boyfriend, I’ll bet he does a lot for you. So, he deserves to hear cute things about himself from you.

My guess is he cares more about what you think of him than anyone else, so having that verbal affirmation from you is so important. But what do you actually say? [Read: How to be the best girlfriend – 25 ways to leave him addicted]

Cute things to tell your boyfriend

You really can’t go wrong with a compliment to your boyfriend. Whether it is regarding his looks, his strength, or a job well done. Anything goes. Just steer clear of anything he maybe sensitive about.

Everyone has a no go zone. Maybe yours is your weight or your feet. But if he is sensitive about a receding hair line or his inability to stand up to his boss, avoid those topics. If you want to amp up his confidence in those areas, just tread lightly.

All of these are cute things to tell your boyfriend that he is sure to appreciate. So take these or put your own twist on them for your guy.

#1 You look hot today.

This may seem basic, but we all love to hear it, men included. So compliment his looks. Tell him he looks nice in those jeans, that new shirt, or that his hair cut is adorable. [Read: What men would love to hear more often]

#2 Send a sweet text.

We all get bored and stuck in a rut throughout the work day. But receiving a sweet little text message from you can really brighten his day. You can say you miss him, you can’t wait to see him later, or even something a little promiscuous to perk up his mood. [Read: 40 cute texts to make him smile and miss you more]

#3 Give him a sneak preview of later.

I wouldn’t recommend a full on picture, but maybe a sexy little message before date night to put him in good spirits. Make him excited for later. You could send just a glimpse of some lacy lingerie, a simple selfie, or whatever you’re comfortable with. [Read: How to sext your boyfriend and leave him yearning for more]

#4 Thank him.

Whether he picks up dinner, does the laundry, or fixes a leaky faucet, make sure to let him know you appreciate that. Thank you seems like such a simple thing to say, but it can go a long way. It’s just a simple acknowledgement that you realize he went out of his way.

#5 Say “I love you.”

We can sometimes forget to say these three little words. Whether we think it is a given or that it’s an unnecessary phrase like good morning or good night, it isn’t.

Just sharing those words before work, bed, or randomly throughout the day is one of those cute things to tell your boyfriend that’ll make him feel loved. Everyone loves to hear that. Why not say it more often? Not only will it make him feel good, but it will remind you of those feelings as well.

#6 Share your favorite moments.

Although you don’t want your relationship to live in the past, bring up some of your favorite moments together. They let him know you still think about them. Maybe he really impressed you with an anniversary surprise or a getaway. Whatever it is, remind him that you notice what he does.

#7 Tell him he’s funny.

Everyone loves this compliment. It may not seem uber romantic, but it really boosts confidence. Next time your boyfriend does his Ace Ventura impression or tells a joke do more than laugh.

Actually telling him how funny he is lets him know you’re aware of the fact he makes you happy.

#8 Remind him why you love him.

Not to lessen saying “I love you,” but actually giving him reasons why is somehow more meaningful. As much as those three words mean, the meaning behind them is so powerful.

Let him know you love him because he is so caring. Because he’s always there for you. Because he loves every part of you. Whatever it is that draws you to him, share that. You may think he already knows, but this is one of those cute things to tell your boyfriend that he’ll always appreciate and want to hear more often. [Read: 16 ways to show your real appreciation for someone you love]

#9 When you’re in awe of him, say it.

How many times have you been out and about and just are in awe of your boyfriend? Whether he helps someone elderly get something off a shelf, helps a woman with a stroller up an escalator, or goes out of his way for anyone, make sure he knows you’re impressed.

We can watch and smile and think, wow, he’s amazing. But letting him know that you saw what he did and that you’re impressed by him goes a long way.

#10 Boost his masculinity.

Yes, this goes back to the dark ages, but even though men are embracing their feminine side, most men still love that boost of testosterone. Knowing that you think he is strong or reliable, or even heroic is something all men want to hear, even if they won’t admit it.

Whether it has something to do with super heroes, old movies, or whatever, every guy loves protecting or saving the damsel in distress. He loves that you are an independent and capable woman of the 21st century, but letting him take on that role once in a while can make him quite giddy.

#11 Say you’re sorry.

Whether you got in a fight, said something you regret, or just got bent out of shape, apologize. It can be hard sometimes. Just letting go and saying sorry is one of the sweetest and most meaningful things you say to your boyfriend.

#12 Tell him he’s right.

Admitting you’re wrong and telling him he’s is right may be what he always wanted to hear. Hopefully, he won’t get too happy about it and start expecting this more often.

But if you know you were wrong about something, admit it. As women, we tend to think we’re always right, probably because we usually are, but give him a break every once in a while.

#13 Share how lucky you are to have him.

Out of the blue, tell him how lucky you feel to have him in your life. This is a simple sentence. It seems obvious. But this is one of those cute things to tell your boyfriend that’ll make him swell with pride and affection towards you. And actually using your words and letting him know you aren’t just putting up with him, but are beyond happy to be with him, refreshes your relationship. [Read: 25 must-follow relationship rules for happy love]

#14 Compliment his friends and family.

This may not be an obvious one, but letting your boyfriend know that you like his friends and his family can go so far. Imagine if you left dinner at your mom’s house, and he said “Wow, your mom is so great.” Wouldn’t you have a huge sense of pride and relief?

That is exactly how he will feel when you do the same. Now you may not love all of his friends or family. But just saying something like “Jeff is so hilarious” or “I had a great chat with your dad” really makes him happy.

#15 Thank him for saying cute things to you.

Whether your guy is flooding you with compliments or holds them back for significant moments, say thank you. I know I sort of already said this, but we can sometimes toss off compliments from people in our everyday life. We can roll our eyes or ignore sweet things from those we are used to.

I don’t know about you, but when I get a compliment from a stranger, it sticks with me all day. A compliment from a boyfriend or family member, and I just sort of forget about it. Make sure he knows you heard him and that you appreciate that he goes out of his way to make sure you know how he feels too.

Hopefully, some of these cute things to say to your boyfriend perk up your relationship in a new way and make your guy feel appreciated.

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